Education stands for people, relationships
and a chance for a good life

We support children, teenagers, and teachers by providing them with equal access to valuable, quality education. We work with schools in order to create a diverse and welcoming environment for students to grow in.

We look for solutions, which can change the way we think about education in Poland. We build lasting partnerships and connect through expert dialogue. We strongly believe that we have the ability to inspire systemic changes, together.

Recruitment 2024

from February 15 to March 31


Renata Durda

Receives the Andrzej Czernecki PBR Award


Philanthropy for Impact

New EFC Foundation Programme




The EFC Foundation Patron
Prof. Roman Czernecki (1904-1986)

A dedicated and passionate educator. He organized clandestine education in Słupia Jędrzejowska during WWII. After the war, he founded the Szczekociny school. He later worked as head of the educational department in the Zielonogórskie province, rector of the Public College of Education in Gdańsk and lecturer at the Warsaw University of Technology. From the very beginning, his main goal was to support the educational development of young people, regardless of their material situation or where they come from. His work inspired the establishment of the EFC Foundation.