A new chapter in the Uwaga na szkołę project - let's talk about building teacher communities

Here it is - the third chapter of the Uwaga na szkołę | Rozwiązania dla edukacji project centered around buidling teacher communities in schools. We are very excited to share new materials, prepared by our expert team, especially for our readers - for members of the school community, and for those, who care about education. 
The third chapter is exactly about that - building a community of teachers. In order to teach children effectively today, you need more than one person - we need a community that cares. Schools should be a center for teacher practice. How to build a sense of togetherness? How to inspire teachers to learn from each other? How to support their professional growth? What is the school principal's role in the process?
We are facing a dynamically changing world and, therefore, a changing school dynamic. Many teachers feel helpless, lonely in their search for answers. We want to show them how to organize meetings and teacher supervisions, colleague observations, how to introduce co-teaching methods. We demonstrate ways to build a school which works as a supportive community eager to help and learn. 
All materials are available on the project's website:   https://bit.ly/3HpSpo7