Our Place in Szczekociny opening soon!

The concept of the ‘Place’ came into life thanks to immense work done by students of the Szczekociny School Complex. It took them a few months to evaluate their town’s needs and potential with the support of the ‘Stocznia’ Foundation. It turned out that what young people from Szczekociny need most is… a place of their own: somewhere they can meet, talk, exchange ideas, or simply hang out. We have decided to create such a place thanks to our partnership and cooperation with the Szczekociny Municipality.

Although the pandemic had slowed us down a little and the Place has not been opened yet, our young friends are hard at work. As part of the project, four meetings of young activists have already been held. We have also prepared a competition for projects encouraging social activity of the locals which will be launched in February! Thanks to Damian Hamerla, expert of the EFE Foundation, and Basia Winiarska, our local coordinator, young people learned how to plan and implement local social projects – determine the needs, set objectives, and work on solutions as a group.

We are holding our next meeting on January 9th. We would like to thank our Partners for their commitment. If you are interested in what we do – don’t hesitate to join us!