participatory budgeting for our horizons schools

Participatory budgeting for our Horizons schools!

As a way to celebrate the 10th birthday of our Foundation and the 10th birthday of the Center for Research and Social Innovation "Stocznia", we decided to support one of the schools involved in the Horizons Scholarship Program. That's how the school participatory budget was born. 

The school participatory budget is a project that engages the entire school environment in the decision process regarding spending the money given to the establishment. Students, parents, teachers and other members of the school staff, together come up with new projects and then choose those, which according to them are most attractive and most needed.

We wish to support one school in organizing the entire process, as a way of continuing our collaboration and celebrating our anniversary. The school will receive substantial help and expertise needed in planning, launching, managing and evaluating the school budget - this is a gift from Stocznia. The EFC Foundation will support the project financially by giving 4000 PLN for new school projects.

The winning school will put the participatory budget into use in the upcoming 2019/2020 school year.