Foundation authorities

Chairman of the Board

Emilia Gromadowska

Graduate of the Faculty of Education at the University of Warsaw and scholar of the Amsterdam University. Working for 13 years at United Way, an international charity organization, she designed and implemented innovative social and volunteering programs in both local and foreign companies across the country. An expert in employee volunteering and author of the “Volunteer Guide”, published in 2007. An experienced NGO manager and a CSR consultant. Chairman of the board of corporate foundations, such as the WARTA and Kredyt Bank foundation “Razem możemy więcej”, the Kredyt Bank Foundation and the ORLEN DAR SERCA initiative. She engages socially in the work of the Polish Donors Forum, acting as a member of the board.

The Council

The Council is a supervisory body of the Foundation. It is responsible for making sure the development of the organization is in line with Andrzej Czernecki’s vision and values, exemplified by the patron – professor Roman Czernecki. Among its responsibilities are managing the endowment and approving EFC budgets.

  • Igor Czernecki

  • Andrzej Czernecki Jr

  • Jan Krzewiński

  • Marta Drozd