Strategic Partner

The Starak Family Foundation

The Starak Family Foundation is the EFC Foundation’s educational partner. The Foundation’s main aim is to support and promote young gifted people, and create optimal conditions for their growth to assist them in fulfilling their dreams and life goals. The aim is also to enable access to the newest achievements in the field of science, technology, culture and economy, activate various youth groups in social and professional life, as well as work towards improving health and developing preventive care. In the 2017/2018 academic year, the Foundation sponsors scholarships for 80 students.



Other partners

The Polish Donors Forum

The Polish Donors Forum is an association of financially independent organizations (foundations and associations), giving donations to socially beneficial causes. The organizations work in fields such as science and education, as well as community service. The Forum was created to improve organization grantmaking skills and promote good practices in giving out grants. The Forum also undertakes activities aimed at creating favourable conditions for giving and a transparent and friendly environment for donors and their grantees. The EFC Foundation joined the Donors Forum on March 14th, 2017.


The School with Class Foundation

The School with Class Foundation is an independent educational institution. The SZK Foundation supports bold and passionate teachers and principals in their development, helping them educate young people to become conscious and active members of the community. It leads programs which help students develop 21st century skills: critical thinking, teamwork, self-awareness and confidence, problem-solving and communication. The Foundation was built on experiences derived from the School with Class program, which for the past 16 years has seen nearly 9 000 participating schools from all over Poland.

The School with Class Foundation is the operator and co-organizer of the Education Inspiration program.

Clifford Chance

The Clifford Chance Law Firm is one of the leading international law firms, whose Polish office has been launched in Warsaw in 1992. It has an extensive experience in providing legal advisory services for many transactions. The Warsaw CSR/Pro bono practice is part of the Clifford Chance global CSR policy with its goals carried out locally. Within its pro bono activities, Clifford Chance carries out the mission of supporting the development of a civil community in Poland. The Clifford Chance Legal Firm has been providing the EFC Foundation with pro bono legal services since February 2016.



Akademeia High School is a private high school, based in Warsaw, which offers a multidimensional education system and extensive preparation for admission applications to prestigious foreign universities. The faculty co-creating the school are teachers with a passion and many years of experience in educational advisory. The philosophy behind Akademeia assumes that the educational process should begin by diagnosing the student’s potential, finding out what his skills and predispositions are. In the academic year 2016/2017 Akademeia took under its care an EFC Scholar and helped him prepare for university exams in the UK. He was given extra language lessons and individual SAT prep. This year, another one of our Scholars is currently in her 2nd High School grade at Akademeia.

przygotowanie do matury i SAT.W roku szkolnym 2017/2018 w II klasie Akademei uczy się nasza stypendystka.


The Good Network Foundation

The Good Network Foundation is an organization whose most important goals are to develop knowledge about scholarships and e-volunteering, as well as to promote new technologies as tools to strengthen the civil community. The Good Network Foundation, along with the Orange Foundation and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, runs the mojestypendium.pl platform. The platform is a place where you can find the most recent scholarship programs, various competitions and educational information. The mojestypendium.pl portal prepared and carried out a cooperation plan to promote the “Education Dreams” program.


Sowa Courses

Sowa Courses is a private continuous learning institution. Their specialty are matura exam preparation courses in subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Polish, English, Chemistry, Geography, History, Civics and Biology. The highly qualified staff carries out a program that is compliant with the Ministry of Education guidelines. Sowa Courses in the 2017/2018 academic year have granted the EFC Foundation a donation of five courses for Scholars in Warsaw.


The Kings Foundation

The Kings Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by the Cambridge University and Imperial College London graduates. The goal of TKF is helping build world class business, science and political leaders of Polish descent, by enabling access to the highest quality education and merit help in the process of applying to the world’s best universities. The Kings Foundation supports our Scholars, preparing information on the possibilities of studying abroad.


Citizens for Education

The Citizens for Education is a social movement created by organizations and people involved in working for the cause of Polish schools. It creates a forum for a non-governmental public debate and the cooperation of all those who care for education, its quality and future. The main goal of this movement is to build civil educational politics in Poland. The EFC Foundation is a member supporting the Citizens for Education social movement.


UWC Poland

The Paweł Czartoryski United World Colleges Association is an independent, non-profit NGO with a Public Benefit Organization status. Its main goal is supporting the development of a civil society through the international education of youth in the spirit of tolerance, the protection of human rights and social engagement. Since its creation in 1991, the Association sponsored over 300 two year scholarships. The average value of one such scholarship is 230 000 PLN. EFC Scholars who are dreaming of attending a High School abroad, have the opportunity to participate in the UWC recruitment process every year.


Pracownia rysunku DOMIN

The DOMIN Drawing Studio organizes freehand drawing and painting classes for candidates applying for the Architecture faculty at ASP, as well as other artistic and design faculties. The courses are created for people who need drawing and sketching skills at work, as well as people who simply do it as a hobby. The Studio has a rule which states there is no such thing as talent and you can teach anyone to draw. The DOMIN Drawing Studio sponsored an Architectural Drawing Course and an ASP Drawing Course for two EFC Foundation Scholars in the 2016/2017 academic year.


British Alumni Society

The British Alumni Society was established to provide a forum for previous Scholars of programs offered by the British Council and the FCO. Today, with over 500 members, they are open to all British universities graduates and educational programs deriving from Poland.