We wish to recognize teachers and strengthen their career development, offering financial support for their own original projects.

We ensure systematic informational and coaching support, adapted to the needs of every individual participant.

We want all teachers included in the program to build a community where they can cooperate with each other, work together, exchange experiences and face challenges together as an integrated group. We wish for all participants of the Education Inspiration program – both teachers and students – to share their acquired skills and knowledge with others as well as inspire their school networks and their local communities.

We also put a great deal of focus on students themselves. We believe that every one of them has potential that is yet to be discovered; that each child and young person should have equal opportunities at the start of their educational journey. Our program is designed to go on for years. We are certain that in the long-term perspective, the Education Inspiration program will contribute to the equality of educational opportunities among students living in bigger and smaller cities, coming from the wealthier and less fortunate families.