The initiator and organizer of the Education Inspiration program is the Roman Czernecki Educational Foundation. It is also the sponsor – it finances educational projects, selected by a designated committee in the Education Inspiration program.

For the past 9 years, the EFC foundation has been fulfilling dreams of education, granting scholarships to ambitious young people who had a tougher start. It is a scholarship fitted to each individual – the Foundation provides the student with a dorm spot, textbooks or even the help of a psychologist. Grant recipients make their own decisions about their development – they study foreign languages, go to summer sports camps or visit museums. Thanks to the “Education Dreams” program, over 500 young people received top-class education opportunities and had their dreams come true.

The operator and co-organizer of the program is the School with Class Foundation – an independent educational institution. The SZK Foundation supports bold and passionate teachers and principals in their development, helping them educate young people to become conscious and active members of the community.

It leads programs which help students develop 21st century skills: critical thinking, teamwork, self-awareness and confidence, problem-solving and communication. The SZK Foundation supports schools in becoming places that are open and engaged in solving social issues, which promote diversity as well as mutual respect and trust. The Foundation was built on experiences derived from the School with Class program, which for the past 16 years has seen nearly 9 000 participating schools from all over Poland.

The partner of the program is the Starak Family Foundation, whose main goal is supporting and promoting exceptionally talented young people, ensuring they receive optimal developmental conditions as well as helping them find their own path and making their dreams come true.

The Foundation also works for the improvement of health and the development of preventive healthcare.