Program theme


We leave teachers and students the freedom to choose their own theme of the educational project. We do, however suggest the following leading areas:

  • A science & research project, where students ask questions, experiment, analyze and draw conclusions;
  • A social & community project, where young people determine needs, debate and discuss, persuade skeptics and mobilize the local community;
  • A linguistic & arts project, where there is room for creativity, exploring and interpretation, as well as organizing cultural events.

It is worth to acknowledge and take advantage of the potential of studying and living in a rural area and perhaps consider carrying out the project outdoors, including parents and neighbors, as well as working towards benefiting the local community. Together with teachers and students, we wish to create a “school of discovery”, a “civil school”, a “cultural institution school”.


The key roles will be played by children and young people. Each project should be carried out by a diverse group of at least 5 students. Ideally, the team should consist of:

  • - boys and girls,
  • - those interested in the topic at hand, as well as those, whose passion and interests are yet to be developed,
  • - active participants of school life, as well as students who have not contributed until now and who need a reasonable and smart encouragement to engage.

The student team will be supervised by the teacher who carried out the project application. He or she will play the role of an inspirational mentor of the group.


  • Ingenuity
    is the project interesting? What passions and interests will it be developing?
  • Teamwork
    does the project require working together on the development of ideas and solutions? How are the participants dividing the tasks?
  • Independence
    can the initiative be given away to students? Does it cultivate self-reliance and increase self-worth among young people?
  • Answering needs
    to what extent (if at all) does the project answer the needs of the school network and the local community?

Please find the detailed description of the rules regarding financial scholarships as well as the criteria, based on which projects will be assessed, in the Rules of the Education Inspiration

  • Regulations of Education Inspiration program