Most successful grant recipients

Magdalena Kiernozek

Magda received the opportunity to study in a private high school Akademeia. Congratulations!

Natalia Kwiatkowska

EFC scholar and student at the IV Tadeusz Kościuszko High School in Toruń, became a finalist of the XLIII History Contest. Natalia chose to specialize in the history of parliamentarism in Poland. In her spare time, Natalia engages in equality and anti-discrimination organizations.

Łukasz Kamiński

EFC Scholar from Staszic High School in Warsaw, won the title of laureate in LXVIII Mathematical Olympiad, taking fourth place in Poland. Now he took part in the international Mathematical Olympiad in Lithuania.

Natalia Rochmińska

EFC Scholar from Kopernik High School in Łódź. Just got an international scholarship to UWC, to private school Clifton College in UK.

Alicja Kozłowska

On Saturday June 3rd, in the Palace of the Kraków Bishops, there was an Awards Gala held for the XIII Pope Contest, titled “Karol Wojtyła’s Patriotism – 1920-2005”.

We are delighted to inform that among the 5000 participants, the first place was won by Alicja Kozłowska – an EFC scholar.

Dawid Borys

EFC Scholar from high school in Krakow, He won the title of laureate of the LX Astronomical Olympiad. Now he will represent Poland at the International Astronomical Olympiad in Thailand.

Artur Jankowski

An EFC scholar from Białystok became a finalist in the XLIII Technical Knowledge Contest in the Mechanical-Construction group.

Kornelia Kufeld

EFC Scholar from Kopernik High School in Katowice. Kornelia, for the second time, has been a laureate of the Human Rights Olympiad in the modern world.

Jakub Kulczyński

EFC Scholar from II High School in Poznań. He won the title of finalist of the Polish National Historical Knowledge Olympiad.

Weronika Rakowska

A school volleyball team won the 2016/2017 vice championship of the Poznań City League for High Schools Without Sports Club Memberships. The prize for the best Setter was won by our scholar from the II High School in Wielkopolska.