In 2017, the “Education Dreams” scholarship program, led by the EFC Foundation has been externally evaluated for the very first time.

The evaluation concerned:

- The functioning of the program

- Results and impact, including results concerning both the educational choices of scholars and graduates, as well as those concerning general attitude, the perception of further life chances and a wider impact of the participation in the program on the scholars’ and graduates’ communities.

All groups engaged in the implementation of the program took part in the study – graduates, scholars, parents/guardians, Foundation employees (mostly regional coordinators), school principals and teachers, as well as dorm employees (directors and counsellors). The results of the evaluation showed that “Education Dreams” is a comprehensive and consistent scholarship program. The study allowed for the assessment of the results and impact, showing that the program leads to an ongoing and durable change in the lifestyle of scholars, who are afraid of the wider perspective of their own possibilities, a braver approach to decision-making regarding the future, a stronger self-reliance and more ambitious educational choices.

The evaluation revealed that despite the poverty rate reduction in Poland, including extreme poverty, the situation of young citizens of small towns and rural areas is exceptionally tough, and the “Education Dreams” program allows young people to really seal the gap in educational opportunities and enter adulthood with courage and free from insecurities.

We encourage you to look at the presentation with the evaluation results. People interested in reading the full report can contact the Foundation’s office.