40 teachers will receive grants for their own educational projects!

We are very, very happy to announce the results of the IV edition of Education Inspiration. This year, despite difficult circumstances and pandemic challenges, we received a record amount of applications. We decided to distinguish 40 educational projects.

It wasn’t an easy choice. Finally, thanks to the hard work of our program committee, we managed to pick 40 projects to finance. The committee included educational experts and professionals. Bożena Będzińska-Wosik, Grażyna Czetwertyńska, Magdalena Kocejko, Mirosław Skrzypczyk, and Elżbieta Tołwińska-Królikowska - thank you for your knowledgeable and insightful opinion.

The topics of this year’s projects are, as always, very diverse, ranging from ecology to mathematics, programing, history and art. Some propose solutions to challenges we faced so far during the pandemic. At the same time, all projects develop social and civic skills, and engage the school community in a joint, inclusive activity. 

Here are the teachers who received grants in this year’s edition of Education Inspiration:

  1. Jakub Błaszak, Green walls for our students’ wellbeing
  2. Ewa Bodanka-Zarychta, The art of cooking
  3. Sylwia Bożenko, Coded math revisions
  4. Anna Broda, Wiktor Pniewski - a great man from Maciejewo
  5. Urszula Chmielowska, Say ‘yes’ to birds
  6. Agnieszka Ciepielewska, My virtual reality
  7. Zyta Czechowska, Five ways to fall in love with math
  8. Ewa Dragan, Let’s play math
  9. Anita Druszcz, Patriotism now and then
  10. Anna Dudzik, "To be or not to be" - the Czernichów theatre is ready to see the world!
  11. Liliana Dziedzic, Small community - amazing people
  12. Edyta Ewertowska, Buy a pet to save a pet
  13. Agnieszka Gnutek, “Ludzisko” 
  14. Anna Ilasz-Kuszek, Nature saviors 
  15. Dominika Jankowska, First-floor stage
  16. Magdalena Jasińska, A questing guide to Bestwina
  17. Joanna Jaśkowiak, Grodzisk Wielkopolski - connecting the past with the future
  18. Beata Klisz, Time machine
  19. Ramona Kopyto, Broadening our horizons through film
  20. Angelika Kotlarek, Joining, recording, succeeding
  21. Natalia Kowal, Theatre versus Covid-19
  22. Beata Kurant,  School newsroom
  23. Anna Lewandowska-Czarnecka, Bee corner
  24. Aleksandra Łuczeczko, The secrets of bats
  25. Kinga Łusiewicz, „What’s up at our school?” – young journalists in action
  26. Joanna Maros, The vast world of small pollinators - how can we protect insects?
  27. Mirela Robakowska, "Das sind wir" - the cinematic German language
  28. Karolina Roszkiewicz, Don’t be indifferent to others - "The little match girl"
  29. Anna Sobiecka, Our history - Pszczółki now and then
  30. Justyna Stokłosa, From A to Z – a story wrapped up in a book
  31. Zofia Syfert, My grandparents’ story - my story 
  32. Urszula Szubzda, What’s cookin’ behind the fence?
  33. Waldemar Szydło, Sky is the limit... creativity at school
  34. Ewa Śmiałkowska, Ada, don’t do that!
  35. Anna Śmietana, An anti-covid kitchen for biologists and chemists
  36. Monika Wilk-Kang, What’s a tank doing here? 
  37. Dominik Wrosch, ROBOT Line follower - bolid F1
  38. Paweł Wysztygiel, On Her Majesty NATURE’S Secret Service
  39. Małgorzata Zdrojkowska, Young birdwatchers
  40. Barbara Zięba, Zarzecze, our corner of the world 


Together with our partner, the School with Class Foundation, we will contact all the grantees later this week.

A huge thank you to everyone, who sent their projects - we are so happy to see more and more educators incorporating the project method into their work with students. And, of course, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for all your initiatives! 

Congratulations to the teachers who received grants - we can’t wait to work with you. Good luck!

Find out more about Education Inspiration HERE.