Prof. Roman Czernecki Award

The Roman Czernecki Prize distinguishes authors of publications and articles which strengthen and deepen the debate about education in Poland. Awarded scientists, educators and journalists write about education in a smart and responsible way while maintaining an unconventional perspective. Just as Roman Czernecki, the patron of the prize, they approach the topic of Polish education with engagement and dedication. 

Our goals:
- supporting an earnest, substantial exchange of knowledge about Polish education;
- appreciating authors of quality publications on education;
- connecting the scientific community with journalists and promoters of education.

The Roman Czernecki Prize in numbers:
- 30 000 PLN given annually in 3 categories - scientific, journalist and professional;
- 10 winners and 27 distinguished authors.

The Roman Czernecki Prize is the only contest in Poland dedicated solely to authors of publications on education. It serves as a platform that appreciates those, who can write about education with passion and a fresh perspective.