Horizons Scholarship Program

The EFC Foundation has been managing the Horizons Scholarship Program (previously known as Education Dreams) since 2009. The Program is a unique space for young students to learn, grow and embrace their passions. We want the participants of the program to build their identity in understanding the complexity and variety of the world around them. We encourage scholars to be active, compassionate and engaged citizens with a strong sense of identity both as Poles and Europeans. We believe the program will enable them to thrive and open up to what's different and new.

The scholarship enables middle school and secondary school graduates from rural and small-town areas to study in the best and most inspiring high schools and technical schools in the country. As part of the Foundation's collaboration with schools, dormitories and local non-profit organizations, the Program offers summer and winter holidays, a chance to participate in social projects, volunteering opportunities and complex support adjusted to the needs of every EFC scholar. It also means financial and material support throughout four years of high school, which covers the costs of living, food, school payments, learning languages etc.

The Horizons Scholarship Program offers financial and material aid. However, first and foremost, it supports scholars in their personal growth and in cultivating their passions. The Program is addressed to empathetic, curious young people. We wish to help them build that curiosity and openness towards diversity, while drawing from their history and traditions. On the intersection of those values, they will be able to build a strong identity and sense of self-worth, which will enable them to face new challenges.

The Horizons Scholarship Program is built in partnership with the Starak Foundation.