Education Inspiration

Education Inspiration provides teachers from small towns with grants for their educational projects, which address the needs of secondary school students. The participants of the program strengthen their professional skills, discover potential in their students and provide them with space for their interests. Teachers and children build a new school environment based on partnership and trust. 

Through the Education Inspiration program we wish to:

- look beyond the standard approach to school lessons;
- appreciate teachers by enabling them to carry out their own ideas and by strengthening their professional skills;
- build a network of teachers based on the exchange of knowledge and experience;
- discover potential in students, who take part in the project;
- encourage participants to engage socially in the spirit of values, such as tolerance, solidarity and equality.

Ideas for educational projects are submitted by teachers - the choice of subject is entirely up to them. What connects the chosen projects is their ability to discover and nourish the students' potential and interests. We look for ideas that leave the initiative to the students and which put team-work first. We appreciate projects that meet the needs of the local and school environment and which include the community in their execution. We wish to work on students' social skills and to encourage them to be open towards others.

Education Inspiration in numbers:

- 67 projects carried out by 49 teachers during two editions of the program;
- 1136 students which took part in the projects;
- projects and workshops in 13 provinces;
- 67 grants together worth 200 000 PLN.