Participants support

Support for program participants

Throughout the whole process - from the early preparation stages to bringing the project to life, teachers will be offered informational support and receive coaching from the School with Class Foundation professionals. We provide:

Educational and methodological materials:

Materials allowing for a suitable preparation of the projects as well as their completion. They will include topics such as: working in project format (what does a good project entail? How to plan and describe it? What to remember while carrying it out?), budget and settlement of the project.

Networking meeting:

A two-day meeting will be organized in January 2018 for all teachers participating in the program. It will be a good opportunity to meet one another and discuss the planned activations. The meeting will include workshops focused around preparing and carrying out educational projects.

Direct and online coaching support:

Thanks to a dedicated online platform, we are always going to stay in touch with the participants of our program. The website will be a place where teachers can exchange experiences and stay up to date. Depending on the needs, we will be organizing webinars (online courses) on topics which are of interest to teachers. We will also visit certain schools, which will give us an opportunity to get to know the teachers, see how they are moving forward with their projects and support them with any help they may need.

Feedback meeting:

Towards the end of the academic year, we will organize a meeting during which teachers will share the outcomes of their work. They will talk about what was successful and point out the more challenging aspects. Their voice will be crucial in preparing recommendations for the following editions of the program.

Finalizing publication:

This will be a collection of good practices and recommendations, but also a promotion of the most interesting educational projects.

The selected educational projects, which fulfill all formal criteria and are positively evaluated by the Grant Committee, will receive financial aid in the 2017/2018 academic year. The EFC will give the 2 500,00 PLN grant to a given school, which will then turn it over to the applicant teacher.