Andrzej Czernecki (1939-2012) – Founder of the EFC Foundation

The founder of the EFC Foundation, Roman Czernecki’s son. A known businessman, entrepreneur, creator of HTL company – one of the most renowned laboratory equipment manufacturers in the world.

As a form of continuation of his father’s ideals, he has been helping talented young people for many years. In 2009, he set up an endowment fund and created an institution which supports young students on their path towards education – the EFC Foundation.

Andrzej Czernecki was one of Poland’s leading businessmen. His success would be very hard to replicate in Poland - he took over nearly half of the world’s market in a very focused field, producing precise equipment used for basic medical analyses.

What's more, he developed, patented and produced the equipment by himself, operating within a large global competition; no one has ever accomplished that in Poland.

Andrzej Czernecki graduated from the Physics Department at the University of Warsaw. As a member of the academic faculty, he obtained a scholarship in Austria where he was singled out by the head of the department of Beckman Instruments, an American company manufacturing laboratory equipment. He returned to Poland with an offer to look into the potential of the Polish market. As a company representative, he was soon looking after the Polish and Soviet markets.

In 1980, he established his own company - Plastomed. The chaotic adventures he was put through were a classic example of what it was like to run a company in those times. However, Andrzej was not easily discouraged.

The company evolved into HTL (High Tech Lab) and grew substantially year after year, hiring nearly 1000 employees. His business was also launched in Austria, the US and in Sweden, where it took over its biggest competitor.

In a 2009 interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Andrzej Czernecki commented on his plans for the future of his company: “What will I do? I will withdraw from this business and business in general.

Why? It’s a result of deeper thoughts on life. Should the race for reaching more markets, marketing wars, production optimization, be the meaning of life? The source of my greatest satisfaction? It’s time to slow down and really think, do something completely different, something that will bring more joy. Because at a certain point in life, you have to make your own dreams come true.”

In 2008, Andrzej Czernecki announced his plan to launch a scholarship fund under his father’s, Roman Czernecki’s, name. These plans came to life in 2009, when the Roman Czernecki EFC Educational Foundation was created.

Andrzej Czernecki died on May 18th, 2012 after a long battle with cancer. He was buried in a family grave on the Powązki cemetery in Warsaw. His work and love for philanthropy is still being brought to life by his sons – Igor and Andrzej Jr. Czerneccy.