Roman Czernecki's Biography

We are excited to share our Foundation’s private publication, Uczymy dalej. Roman Czernecki i jego szkoły w Słupi i Szczekocinach. The book was written by Mirosław Skrzypczyk and serves as a comprehensive testament to our patron’s work towards better education before the war, during the war and after the war - throughout his whole life. Since the book never appeared in bookstores, we wish to share it here, as well as on the EFC Foundation’s profile on ISSUU.

*Mirosław Skrzypczyk: Polish literature teacher in the Szczekociny School Complex - the EFC Patron School. Head of the Walenty Zwierkowski Historic and Cultural Association of Lelów, cultural animator, author of numerous artistic and educational projects around the topic of Jewish culture, history and multicultural dialogue. Collaborates with the EFC, the Forum for Dialogue and the Civic Education Center. Author of Roman Czernecki’s biography as well as a publication about Jews from the Szczekociny region. Winner of the Irena Sendlerowa Prize “for Fixing the World” (2018).