About the Starak Foundation

The Starak Foundation was established in 2008. Its goal is to support and promote young, talented adults and provide them with balanced conditions to grow, invest in their passions and work on ideas. The Foundation brings its mission to life by working in to areas: Spectra Edu and Spectra Art Space.

Educational programs, part of the Spectra Edu branch, aim to support talented young students via:

  • - the Horizons Scholarship Program, managed in partnership with the Czernecki Foundation, supports high school students from rural areas and low-income families;
    - the Spark grant program which supports students and teachers from Polish public art schools in the implementation of their original educational and artistic projects.

Within the Spectra Art Space project, the Foundation has created a space dedicated to art. It organizes contemporary art exhibitions, cultural events, discussion panels, lectures and thematic workshops. The exhibition program is built based on the private art collection of Anna and Jerzy Starak, which has been available to the public ever since it was brought to life.

Our partnership with the Starak Foundation in developing the Horizons Scholarship Program is the focal point of our cooperation. The Starak Foundation currently finances 120 scholarships.


Our partnership with the Starak Foundation is not only an accomplishment in terms of the scope and scale of our scholarship program. It is also an unprecedented example of the fact that NGOs are ruled by different laws than the market here, in Poland. There is no competition or patents. Working together we can achieve more, faster and at a lower cost and each penny saved on administration is for the benefit of our scholars.

Igor Czernecki, head of the Czernecki Foundation board

Despite his own success, he [Jerzy Starak] was aware that not everyone has so much luck. That’s why one of the main goals of the Starak Foundation is supporting young, talented people and providing them with optimal conditions for growth. Three years ago, he felt he’s looking for something more, something, that will help talented people without the means of developing that talent. The Starak Foundation and the EFC are working separately, but they have a common goal: giving young people access to education and making their dreams come true.

Piotr Woźniak-Starak, 2018 Champions’ Dinner

Find out more at https://starakfoundation.org/