EFC alumni

The EFC Alumni Association

The EFC Alumni Association gathers graduates of the Horizons Scholarship Program. Association members support scholars by increasing their knowledge about available options and career paths after completing the program or by broadening the scholars' possibilities created by the EFC Foundation. Members actively participate in the life of the Foundation but, most of all, they help out each other. Through their projects they promote social engagement among the young generation. 

The EFC Alumni Association is founded on strong, lasting relationships. Graduates share a strong bond with each other, but also scholars and the entire EFC team. They build a multigenerational commnity based on mutual support, friendship and working together.

EFC Alumni in numbers

- Nearly 140 Alumni in 19 cities around the world;
- 120 math exercises completed during private lessons with scholars;
- graduates from 7 editions of the Horizons Scholarship Program;
- 5 years of holidays, as well as summer and winter vacation spent together;
- 1 Alumni marriage :)

Find out more about the EFC Alumni Association on Facebook and the Alumni's website.