EFC alumni

The EFC Alumni Association

The EFC Alumni Association was founded in 2014. It brings together the graduates of the “Education Dreams” program created by the Prof. Roman Czernecki Education Foundation. It is an independent organization, working with the substantive and financial support of the EFC Foundation.

Members of the Association engage in the promotion of the “Education Dreams” program, which can change the lives of new scholars the same way it changed the lives of the program graduates. The alumni wish to give back as much as possible to the EFC community – being thankful for its support, they actively participate in the events organized by the Foundation, such as the High School Graduate Party or the Dinner of Champions. They help scholars financially and emotionally through the tough time of their High School finals. The integration of the alumni and scholars’ communities is a priority for the association. It is very important that the friendships developed over the course of the 3-year scholarship last for a long time.

The current members of the Association Board include:

  • Barbara Animucka


  • Anna Kowalska

    Deputy Chairwoman

  • Patrycja Siewierska


  • Agata Petyniak


The room for cooperation is immense, and the collective energy of graduates from all over Poland combined in one organization means huge opportunities for joined activations, which are already bringing its first positive outcomes. Please follow the Association’s work on their fanpage and website alumni.efc.edu.pl