The EFC Partner School is a program dedicated to schools in small towns all around Poland, who wish to become an inviting space for work, learning and social engagement. In partnership with the school, citizens and non-profit organizations we build a strong, open and safe institution, which can turn into an important spot on the city map. We invest in the professional development of teachers, we inspire students to start up their own social initiatives together with the local community. We change the school space so it serves its users.

Our goals:
- creating new opportunities for students and teachers and creating an architecture that facilitates integration and activities in school and around it;
- inspiring students to carry out projects that involve the local community;
- investing in the school staff's professional skills;
- promoting the school as an important social and cultural center in the life of the city;
- discovering the potential for personal and professional development on a small scale, so that the local environment becomes an attractive place to live.

The EFC Partner School is a program that can be carried out in any school in rural areas, regardless of social and economic conditions. It is individually tailored to the needs of each school, working with local resources and supporting close collaboration of students, teachers, municipal institutions and citizens. Enriching the opportunities for students by adding civic education and social engagement to the curriculum is an integral part of the program. We encourage young people to use their potential and we work twoards making the school an irreplacable part of the city's life.

The pilot edition of the program is currently being implemented in the Roman Czernecki School Complex in Szczekociny, where the EFC's patron was the first principal.