Bożena Będzińska-Wosik

Teacher, educator, moderator at the WDN (an in-school teacher development program). Principal at the 81st Elementary School in Łódź, the first public ‚wake up school’ in Poland. Co-initiator of the ‚wake up school’ movement, which encourages and inspires schools to introduce modern solutions in learning and teaching. Author, co-author and coordinator of numerous educational projects within her school, locally and nationwide, such as „Uwolnij Chudego” or „Dzieci nie ryby i swój głos mają”, conducted in cooperation with the „U Siebie - At Home” association from Cracow.

Artur Sierawski

Magdalena Kocejko

Grażyna Czetwertyńska

Dr hab. of humanities, lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Research Institute “Artes Liberales” at the Warsaw University, Chairwoman of the Rector’s Team for teacher development. Author of publications about teaching and grading methods, bilingualism and intercultural education. Interested in the research behind educational programs, civil education, teaching and grading methods. One of the co-founders of the School with Class activation.

Mirosław Skrzypczyk

Polish language teacher, educator and organizer of culture activations, working in Lelów and Szczekociny. Creator and coordinator of many educational, social and art projects. He is also the president of the Walenty Zwierkowski Historical and Cultural Association. He especially engages in Jewish themed activations. He co-organizes the Jewish Culture Festival in Szczekociny and the annual “Ciulim-Cholent Holiday” in Lelów. He organizes popular science sessions and educational workshops, Israeli and Polish youth meetings and courses for teachers. He cooperates with the Museum of Art in Łódź, the Civil Education Center and Dialogue Forum, where he is also the Dialogue Leader. An author of many publications about the Lelów and Szczekocin Jews, about memory, intercultural dialogue and performative education. Laureate of the “Protecting Memory” Award (2011), the Priest Stanisław Musiał Award (2014) and receiver of a distinction of the POLIN Award (2016).

Elżbieta Tołwińska-Królikowska

Expert in the I and II edition of the program. Educator, evaluator, author and content editor of many methodical materials for teachers and school principals. Specialist in the field of teacher career development, a manager of the Improvement System Development Studio in CODN. Author, co-author and coordinator of many projects and educational projects such as “A Small Pre-school in Every VIllage”, “From a Small School into the Great World”, “Forest Classes”, “Schools Active in the Community”, created by the Federation of Educational Initiatives and the Educational Innovation Foundation “Small School”; member of the board of the above organizations.