STATUTE of THE ROMAN CZERNECKI’S EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (EFC) (consolidated text of 1 September 2015)

General Provisions


The Foundation named „The Roman Czernecki’s Educational Foundation EFC" hereinafter referred to as „the Foundation” was established as „The Roman and Andrzej Czerneckis’ Foundation" by Andrzej Czernecki hereinafter referred to as „the Founder", by a notarial deed of 23 April 2009 drawn up by Artur Szadkowski, assistant notary public, deputy notary public substituting Magdalena Korobowicz, public notary in Warsaw, and registered under Repertory A 3651/2009.


The registered office of the Foundation shall be in capital city of Warsaw in Mazowieckie province, Poland.


The minister competent for education shall exercise supervision over the Foundation’s activities.


The Foundation shall pursue its activities on the territory of the Republic of Poland and abroad.


  • The Foundation may form branches, establishments, subsidiaries, and join other entities, including foundations.
  • The Foundation may engage in business activity to the extent in which it fosters the pursuit of its statutory objectives.
  • The Foundation may use the abbreviated name "EFC" and its identifying logo.


  • Mrs. Teresa Irena Madejska-Giełdzik and Mr. Eugeniusz Giełdzik shall be the Honorary Patrons of the Prof. Roman Czernecki's Junior High School in Słupia, in Świętokrzyskie Province.
  • The Foundation may establish special badges and medals and award them along with other prizes to natural and legal persons in recognition of their particular contribution to the Foundation.