In the 5th edition of the Education Inspiration programme recruitment is carried out in two stages.


The first stage of recruitment lasts from 18 August 2021 until the first 300 applications are received, however no longer than until 26 September 2021. To submit your idea for an original educational project, you need to fill in the online form.

In the application, male and female teachers provide their contact details and the basic data of the school where the project will be implemented. Then, in a few short questions, they describe their initial idea for the project, their experience in working with this method, etc. The form should be completed in one session (it is not possible to continue or edit answers).

At the first stage of recruitment, we want to know your initial idea for the project - what it will be about, what makes it different from other activities carried out at school, what inspired you and what benefits you expect for yourself and your team. In short, convince us that your project should win an Education Inspiration grant! We don't want to see fully planned activities here. We want them to be developed in collaboration with pupils and we won't ask you to describe them until stage 2 of recruitment.

After the first stage of recruitment, all sent applications will be assessed by the programme organisers (representatives of the EFC Foundation and the School with Class Foundation) in terms of meeting formal requirements and substantive criteria. From these, a maximum of 80 projects will be selected to move on to the second stage of recruitment. Results of the first stage of recruitment will be announced no later than 1 October 2021.


Teachers qualified to stage II of the programme must take part in a mandatory online training on working with the method of the educational project. The training will take place on 6th October 2021 in the afternoon. Please pre-book this date. Persons who have made it to the second stage of recruitment but will not participate in the training will not be able to fill in the form for the second stage of recruitment, which also means that they will not be able to receive a grant in the fifth edition of the programme. Each person participating in the training will receive a certificate.

After the online training, participants will be provided with an application form for the 2nd stage of recruitment. Teachers will have from 7 to 28 October 2021 to complete it. This form will be more elaborate and should describe the detailed project idea and the planned expenditure under the grant received. It also outlines the team of male and female students working on the project and the needs that the project addresses. As before, the form must be completed in one session (it is not possible to continue or edit answers).

The time for filling in the form from the second stage of recruitment is also the moment when we encourage you to consult the ideas for activities with the school community. It is very important to us that the voice of pupils, their ideas and thoughts are taken into account in the description of the application to the second stage of recruitment.

Stage II applications that meet the formal requirements will be assessed by an Expert Committee and its decision will be announced by 17 November 2021.