Efc foundation becomes a member of the elite donors forum in poland

EFC Foundation becomes a member of the elite Donors Forum in Poland

It is our pleasure to inform that we have joined the group of organizations associated in the Donors Forum. Their main goal is awarding grants for social projects. Being a member of the Donors Forum does not only mean we act in accordance with all the relevant legal regulations and our own organizational rules, but also proves our commitment to working in compliance with commonly accepted standards: transparency and impartiality in giving grants and scholarships, monitoring social needs and caring for a reliable financial economy.

The Donors Forum in Poland was created in 2002. Its mission is to help the development of grant donors and promote the best practices of grantmaking. It also undertakes actions aimed at creating favourable and transparent conditions for the development of giving out grants as well as building a social credibility of organizations, companies, institutions, which undertake such activations. The association is also known for its active advocacy, soliciting wise law changes for NGOs.

Thanks to our participation in the Forum’s projects we will continue to work efficiently for the development of philanthropy in cooperation with other organizations.

More information about the Donors forum on their website: http://www.forumdarczyncow.pl/