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We stand with teachers - a few words about the spring protest

The EFC Foundation's mission is to support education in Poland and during the last few weeks it became a very hot topic around the country. On the 8th of April, teachers and members of the school environment will probably begin their strike. They're fighting for higher wages, but the protest is about so much more. Teachers deserve to be rewarded accordingly to the effort and heart they put into their everyday work. Thanks to higher salaries, they would be able to derive more satisfaction from their work and the quality of education can only increase; because when someone simply appreciates what we do, our motivation grows. 

The EFC Foundation agrees with the teachers' standpoint. That's why we've partnered with NOoE - the Civil Council on Education. It's a useful tool which enables us to discuss school, education or protesting together and thanks to which everyone can share their opinion in a safe environment. Civil Councils are organized all around Poland during the week before the strike. They are an opportunity to talk about what Polish education is and what it can be. Councils can be organized by teachers, parents, activists, representatives of the local government or by students. Either way, they enable its members to exchange thoughts between generations and different social milieus. 

We are happy to support this initiative - because how are we supposed to talk about the future of education, if not together? 

More about the Civil Council: http://naradaobywatelska.pl/