EFC Foundation Programs

The EFC Foundation’s flagship program is the “Education Dreams” scholarship program, launched in 2009. It supports outstandingly talented youth from low-income families, living in small towns with conditions significantly limiting their chances at a successful start in their adult life. The scholarship relieves their parents’ budget of serious expenses related to the child’s education. Most importantly though, it motivates young people to perfect their talents and helps them achieve success.

Thanks to EFC’s cooperation with FRS and the School with Class Foundation we launched a scholarship program called “Education Inspiration”. Its’ goal is to carry out educational initiatives in elementary, middle and high schools by sponsoring original projects of a science & research, social & civil as well as language & art nature. Inspiring teachers working with their student teams receive merit help from the School with Class Foundation coaches. The scholarships are granted by the EFC Foundation.

Preparing for our next original programs, we look for interesting, socially valuable projects designed by other organizations and educational facilities. This year, we had the honour of co-financing the Irena Sendlerowa Award “For repairing the world” – granted to teachers educating their students in the spirit of dialogue and tolerance.