Warsaw scholars, the Chairman of the Board and the EFC Foundation staff at the Powązki cemetery

A day of reflection

All Saints Day is a time of memory and reflection. The Warsaw Scholars along with the Chairman of the Board and the EFC Foundation staff, took a trip to the Powązki Cemetery to commemorate the Patron and Founder – Roman and Andrzej Czernecki.

The evening hour peace and quiet, allowed for a moment of reflection. For many people, Andrzej Czernecki was a businessman and Roman Czernecki, a teacher. For those connected to EFC – they were much more than that. They were people who enabled reaching for the stars. Where would we be if it wasn’t for the visionary Andrzej Czernecki? Or the noble attitude and devotion of Roman Czernecki? It is their passion and determination which allowed the EFC Foundation to come to life. And it is our responsibility to make sure that the memory of them never dies and that their engagement is instilled in the next generations of young people.

And this is something that should never be forgotten.