Visit to the Polpharma biologics biotechnology center scholarship holders

A Trip to Polpharma Biologics

During the EFC summer vacation, our chemistry and biology oriented scholars got a chance to see how their favourite subjects are applied in practice. Thanks to the Starak Family Foundations, they had the opportunity to visit the Polpharma biologics biotechnological centre. It is the largest and most modern biotechnological facility in Poland, producing biological medicine. It is the biggest and most modern biological medicine producing center in Poland. Students could see the work of the analytical and production departments, as well as the lab. Ms. Adriana Kiędzierska-Mencfeld, the Director of the Biotechnological Department, as well as Mr. Tomasz Sitar, Cellular Development Expert, talked about how Polpharma Biologics works on the development of biological medicine. The trip was very inspiring - who knows, perhaps it will result in a Polpharma career of one of our Scholars.