we are still teaching roman czernecki and his schools in slupia and szczekociny

Mirosław Skrzypczyk wrote a new publication about our Patron – “We are still teaching. Roman Czernecki and his schools in Słupia and Szczekociny”

The EFC Foundation published a book written by Mirosław Skrzypczyk, which describes an outstanding teacher and an excellent organizer, creator of a secret school system with its headquarters in Słupia, as well as the founder of the first post war high school in Szczekociny. It’s a unique portrayal though – we get to know Roman Czernecki from different perspectives and through various stories: his own memoirs and journal notes, archival documents, the notes of his wife Janina, his relatives’ memories and the reports of his friends, colleagues, teachers and students. In this portrayal, Czernecki is captured in moments of borderline experiences, which required strong reactions to the changes in reality as well as making tough decisions.