Changes in the EFC Foundation Board

Aleksandra Saczuk became the new President of the EFC Foundation Board, replacing Emilia Gromadowska who has been with the Foundation for the past four years.

Aleksandra Saczuk, who has been a member of the EFC program committee, has been working in the field of education since the beginning of her professional career. For many years, she has managed social and educational programs for non-profit organizations, where she successfully used her public sector, business, and international expertise.

After standing down from the position of the President of the Board, Emilia Gromadowska will still be actively engaged in the Foundation’s life in the role of an expert. During the past several years, the EFC Foundation became an important institution on the education map within the nonprofit sector. We have broadened the scope of our work by introducing new programs, and engaged all crucial actors who influence the Polish education system. I am leaving the Foundation in good shape and in good hands. - says Emilia Gromadowska.

The goal that was primarily established for the EFC - supporting equal access to good education - is still an essential part of what we do. At the same time we are introducing new solutions which will enable us to adequately respond to the changing environment and needs of young adults, teachers, and schools. With modern, steady growth in our minds, we will develop the programs that are already part of the EFC, but also look for new directions. The changing education system, last year’s teacher strikes and the experience of online learning and the COVID-19 pandemic - all this made education a more apparent part of the public discourse. It is a difficult, challenging moment, yet it is a time full of opportunity. Our Foundation is a natural space for holding an expert debate about education and testing new solutions. - says Aleksandra Saczuk.

Apart from Aleksandra Saczuk, the EFC Foundation Board is also home to Igor Brewka, who became a board member after being a part of the EFC Foundation team for many, many years.