10 Happy Days with the EFC on Instagram - who won the Horizon Scholarship Program contest?

On the 12th of August, we wrapped up our 10 Happy Days with the EFC challenge. The aim of our project was to share moments of pure happiness and joy in our lives, which occur regardless of the unstable, stressful situations around us. Everyday, for 10 days, the followers of our @stypendium_horyzonty Instagram profile uploaded their photographs and added a #10happydaysEFC hashtag. As a result, we gathered hundreds of pictures which demonstrate all the things that bring us joy. The entire EFC community participated in the game: Horizons scholars, the EFC Foundation staff members and our social media followers. As part of the project, we also organized a competition for our scholarship participants, and awarded them in three categories. These are the competition winners:

In the „Masters of happiness” category:
- Amelia Jangas
- Patrycja Węgrzynowska
- Agata Lustyk
All winners will receive a selfie stick, a selfie lamp and a great book about nurturing happiness, chosen by our staff.

In „the EFC Smiley Face” category:
Zuzanna Adamska for her guitar photograph. Our staff decided that the photograph taken by Zuzanna is beautifully natural, joyful and light, but it also demonstrates commitment to our passions, which can bring us tons of joy. The photo was one of the best depictions of how to derive happiness from small things. Zuzanna will receive an Instax camera with two sets of film.

In the „Shiny Happy People” category:
- Amelia Jangas
- Karolina Masłowska
- Emilia Ciastoń
- Patrycja Węgrzynowska
- Elwira Żurek
- Maria Majewska
- Agata Pszczelok
- Agata Lustyk
- Wiktoria Mieczkowska
- Zofia Kiedewicz
- Zuzanna Adamska
Winners in these categories will be awarded a selfie stick for future adventures!

We also decided to give a special award for amazing photo descriptions to Karolina Masłowska. Karolina is an incredibly mindful scholar who has a talent for portraying small, daily moments of happiness through pictures, as well as words. Karolina will receive our happiness book.

A huge shout out to all the contest participants and congratulations to the winners! We will contact all of you soon to send out the awards.