Education Inspiration teachers' meeting

II edition of the Education Inspiration program

We recently wrapped up the first meeting of all thirty one teachers, who will be participating in the Education Inspiration program this school year. During two days, we worked on their educational projects and the openness to diversity of all the program members.

On the 7th of November, we opened the second edition of the Education Inspiration program with a two-day stay in the Jabłonna Palace just outside of Warsaw. We invited all the teachers, whose educational projects will be financed within the program this year.

The meeting began with presentations from the two chairwomen of the Foundations responsible for the program. Emilia Gromadowska, chairwoman of the Roman Czarneckie EFC Foundation, told the participants about the origins of the idea for the program. She mentioned the connection between Education Inspiration and our scholarship program dedicated to talented students from rural areas. Chairwoman of the Szkoła z Klasą Foundation, Agata Łuczyńska, shared her experience in working with teachers and the values practiced in her organization, which are mirrored in the Education Inspiration program. We quickly proceeded to the workshop part of the meeting.

After breaking the ice, all the teachers together with mentors from the Szkoła z Klasą Foundation, Aleksandra Saczuk and Michał Szeląg, began intense discussions about the projects. They searched for nuances and assets of educational projects which can distinguish them from “almost projects.” They worked on a checklist, which enables teachers to verify whether their idea and its execution lack any important elements. During the second day, our teachers were taken care of by Hanna Zielińska - a cultural animator, educator and antidiscrimination mentor. She encouraged the participants to build projects around openness to diversity. During her workshop, she painted a tolerant perspective on society and underlined the values derived from including diverse people and diverse social groups into projects.

This was a really productive time. Program participants from all over Poland built an open atmosphere during their training and left with new ideas on how to work more effectively with their students. After returning to their schools, they will once again take a closer look at their project group, include those who need including and help integrate those students, who will be working on the projects. They will verify their assets and together propose changes in their task division, which will be most beneficial to all the students. We can’t wait to see the results of the Education Inspiration projects this year. Fingers crossed!