Primary Forms | Plein-air workshop for two editions

The participants in the first and second edition of the exhibition programme Primary Forms got together in late August in Urle outside Warsaw. The plein-air event at Oddechowo Development Centre brought a symbolic close to the project’s first edition and heralded its continuation. The participants could get to know each other better, share experiences and spend time close to nature.

Both the event and the programme itself were a result of our joint efforts with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Those who were invited to take part in the programme’s second edition worked together with teachers, educators and children to set up exhibitions in the school environment last autumn and winter.

The plein-air retreat provided a space for sharing experiences between the participants, in terms of both the programme's progress and personal insights on education. It was also an opportunity to wrap up the past edition and prepare for the next one. The attendees were familiarised with various artistic practices in performance, sound and theatre art that they would be able to use in their activities with students.

The trainers of the artistic workshop were Sebastian Świąder, a theatre artist, and Natan Kryszk, a saxophonist. One product of the collaborative work was a 45-minute-long sound performance based on the school memories of the participants. 

The plein-air retreat in Urle was an event linking the first and the second edition of Primary Forms. Information about the unveiling of the next edition will be available on our website in late September of this year. Stay on the lookout for news – we can hardly wait!