Workshops on the Art of Relaxation

We’re halfway through summer holidays. Have you managed to relax after the challenges of the past school year? Do you know how to relax?

When, at the end of June, we celebrated the conclusion of the 4th edition of the Education Inspiration Program, we invited teachers from all editions of the program to a workshop dedicated to the art of relaxation. Thus, we ended this difficult school year, overshadowed by the pandemic, together – and started planning our summer holidays, but in a way that would satisfy our needs.

The workshop meeting was conducted by Agnieszka Chomicka-Bosy – coach and primary school teacher, as well as by Anna Mazek – our coordinator, but also psychologist, psychotherapist, and coach at the Nonviolent Communication (NVC). They both agreed that we often forget to rest and relax properly. We plan a lot of things, but we underestimate the value of rest. However, it is of crucial importance, and should be carefully planned as part of our self-care.

‘Good news is, the planning itself can be a lot of fun’, explains the psychologist. ‘Even at this early stage, we already switch to <relaxation mode>’.

What if we can’t do it? Can we learn how to relax?

‘It’s a process’, says Anna Mazek. ‘First, we need to be aware of our needs. Only then, in response to those needs, can we build our strategy for relaxation. If we decide: ‘I’m going to sleep eight hours at night’, it’s a strategy that responds to our need for sleep. It is important to keep in touch with yourself, to listen to signals flowing from your body: that will allow us to recognize the need and to plan the strategy that would satisfy it.’

During our workshop, along with the two speakers, participants tried to answer two questions: What is ‘a good rest’? And what does ‘a good rest’ mean to me? How do I recognize my needs and how can I best satisfy them? How can I fully understand what would help me recharge my batteries? What were our participants’ answers?

We need:

– Peace and quiet.

– Communication with our mind and body.

– Change.

– New experiences.

– Human interaction. 

 – Space.

 – Sleep.

There are many correct answers to that question, and our participants proposed a lot of them – which not only showed that we all can agree to disagree, but also, that there’s more than one strategy for a great vacation. We shall leave you to ponder these questions, as we are convinced that they will help you plan your holiday in accordance with your individual needs. Now it’s time to catch your breath, and in August, we shall return with renewed vigor and the fifth edition of the Education Inspiration program!

Photo: Holders of the ‘Horizons’ Scholarship sailing on Lake Pluszne along with Anna Mazek, thus responding to her need for adventure.