Become a volunteer


Just like you, we have a lot of positive energy and we enjoy helping those in need. What we have in common are ideas, passions, social engagement, dreams. We welcome every volunteer with open arms. Working among people with similar interests is not only pure pleasure, it’s also one of the best ways of broadening your experience and horizon, as well as making valuable contacts and sometimes true friends – the kinds that stay in your life forever.

We are a known and respected Foundation. We are a good team. We appreciate every initiative which helps carry out our mission and educational programs. The help of companies, organizations and individuals is always met with the same amount of gratitude and recognition. Activities you can participate in as our volunteer: - Organize events such as educational fairs and take an active part in them; - Act on the improvement of the education and development of outstandingly talented students; - Engage in finding mentors for Foundation Scholars. The above are just examples. What is most important for us are your ideas and skills.

If you are interested in volunteering at the EFC Foundation, let us know: kzaczek@efc.edu.pl