EFC Values

The Roman Czernecki EFC Educational Foundation supports the development of children and youth and works towards raising the level of education in Poland, initiating valuable projects in the field of schooling as well as cultural and civic learning.

The Foundation enables young people to acquire knowledge and develop their talents and passions in order for them to become active members of their communities, engaged citizens, smart patriots and conscious Europeans. The Foundation sensitizes to universal values, such as human dignity, freedom, solidarity, democracy and social justice – all in the spirit of dialogue, openness and tolerance.

We, the people of the Foundation - its scholars, graduates, employees and board members, take example from the life, beliefs and achievements of our patron, professor Roman Czernecki. Roman Czernecki was a born teacher and educator. He was a friend to young people, their mentor, a great organizer, director of educational institutions and, finally, a social worker dedicated to the development of young Poles. We put great effort into our everyday work, so it can serve as a testament to the values, which professor Roman Czernecki shared with his pupils. Here are those values:

A strong self-worth

We work on raising self-esteem, self-acceptance and an awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses. We wish to be mature and open towards ourselves and towards others. We constantly look for ways to overcome difficulties and limitations. We show courage in manifesting our personal views and values and in bringing them to life.

Social responsibility

We are conscious members of our society. We are involved in their development by voting and participating in social activities. We care about our environment. We support our local and school communities by sharing our knowledge, skills and passions.

Empathy and openness towards others

We are curious about other people and we strive to acquire reliable knowledge about them. We are empathetic towards them and we offer our help whenever they need it, regardless of their origin, religion or views. We understand the importance of both individuality and building solid relationships. We wish to ensure the freedom of expression, without the use of hate speech and violence. We appreciate the art of dialogue. We use the strength of argument, not the argument of strength. 

 Critical and creative thinking

We are critical and independent thinkers. We verify the information we receive from the world around us, we distinguish facts from opinions and fake news, we are able to evaluate the source of information and make conscious decisions based on those premises. We acquire and create reliable knowledge and learn to construct new ideas and concepts. We verify hypotheses and discover new correlations and ways of thinking and acting.