10 Happy Days with the EFC - an energetic project full of optimism, presented by our Horizons scholars

„Happy Days” is an internet project introduced by the EFC Foundation scholars and staff. It won’t replace real, summer vacation together, at the sea or lakeside, which was always an indispensable part of our scholarship. Still, we try to keep in touch, be together, and fill our days with comfort and optimism. 

The idea is inspired by the “100 happy days” project. The idea is simple - every day, for a limited amount of days, participants will publish one picture which shows what made us happy on that particular day. The task forces us to observe our daily lives and notice the small stuff - little pieces of happiness, small sparks of joy that make us smile. Such an approach to life is scientifically proven to enhance our well-being.

But let’s get to the details. How does the “10 Happy Days with EFC” project work?


- Publish at least one picture on their Instagram profiles per day. The photo is meant to illustrate something that made them happy, brought them pleasure, joy, or just made them smile,

- they add the #10happydaysEFC hashtag to each photo

- they tag the scholarship’s Instagram profile (@stypendium_horyzonty),

- with the first photo published, they tag at least one Horizon's scholar, who is invited to join us in the fun. 

As part of the project, we have a contest for our scholarship participants prepared! Every day, the EFC Foundation staff will choose the most positive photographs published on the scholars’ profiles. The images packed with the biggest amount of positive energy will be published on the Horizons Scholarship Program Instagram profile. All photos will be signed with their author’s name. Towards the end of the project, we will count all the likes they received, and those with the largest amount of likes will win! We have three prizes prepared for our winners:

- „Masters of happiness” — for the authors of three photos with the largest amount of likes, 

- „The EFC Smiley Face” — the EFC staff will choose one picture which caused them to smile the hardest, 

- „Shiny Happy People” — those are guaranteed prizes for all scholars, who managed to consistently post pictures for 10 days, added the required hashtag and tagged the Program profile, and invited another scholar to join the project in their first post. 

The „10 Happy Days” project will last from the 3rd of August till the 12th. We will publish the list of winners on the 17th!

Join us on our Instagram profile: @stypendium_horyzonty.