EDUCATION INSPIRATION: join us for the IV edition of our grant program

Together with the School With Class Foundation, we invite teachers from all around Poland to join us for the IV edition of our grant program - Education Inspiration.

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the differences in educational opportunities across the country. There are numerous obstacles that appear in everyday education which is dependent on online forms of communication - that is true both for children and teachers. We strongly believe that every student, regardless of his/her origin, should have equal educational opportunities. Each student has its own potential and talent, and it is often up to a mindful, respectful, inspiring teacher to discover these unique abilities in his/her pupils.

That is why we continue our work with the Education Inspiration program, opening the application process for the fourth time. As part of Education Inspiration, we award primary school teachers with grants for special educational projects. We wish to show our appreciation for creative, motivated teachers and support their professional development. We believe they know their students and their needs best, that is why we allow teachers to spread their wings creatively and come up with their own project theme and concept. We expect the proposed project ideas to engage students, and nurture their talents and interests.

We asked the participants of previous Education Inspiration editions what, in their opinion, makes the program so special. The answer was clear: its creativity, teamwork, building new relationships, freedom, active engagement, and flexibility. 

The program is dedicated to primary school educators from cities of up to 30 thousand citizens, who work with students from classes 4 to 8. In the 2020/2021 school year, chosen teachers will receive grants of up to 3500 PLN. 

The enrollment process will be open from the 17th of August until we receive 300 applications, however, the application closes by the 18th of October, 2020. In order to be considered for the grant, you must send us your project idea and complete the online form available on our website. 



The teacher himself/herself applies for the grant - it is the teacher’s educational project he/she sends to the Foundation and it is the teacher that bears responsibility for its realization. The application form requires sending a description of the project, and an estimate of the expenses it will require. It also depicts the team of students that will take part in the program, and their needs that will be met through the project. Please remember, that the entire application form has to be completed during one session (there is no possibility to continue later or to edit your responses). 

The applications which meet our requirements will be assessed by the Application Committee, while the final decision will be published on the 18th of November, 2020. 

If you're looking for more information about the program, receiving grants, application criteria as well as rules and regulations of the program, you can find them here. You can also check out the list of questions from our application form, which will enable you to prepare before sending your answers.

We can’t wait to read your applications - good luck!