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Hi! My name is Magda.


I began my journey with the EFC Foundation in 2012. I applied for the “Education Dreams” program. It turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life. Thanks to the program I completed my studies at an outstanding High School and got accepted to a Medical University. I also met many talented people and made friends. I believed in my own strengths and quickly saw it’s worth dreaming.

You, too can make your dreams come true.


Sponsor the education of a particular Scholar, for example someone from your region; the cost of living for one Scholar’s year is 13 700 PLN. Donate 1% of your tax return to the EFC Foundation, who has the status of a Public Benefit Organization:

KRS 0000334007.

Donate money – 100% of the resources will go towards the needs of the Scholars; EFC account number: It is our Scholars who will be deciding on the future of our country. It’s worth helping them!

76 1240 5598 1111 0010 5253 5036Numer Konta EFC

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